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Getting The Old Eagle Eye   15 comments

Sea Eagle In The La Pinta Estuary Area — Images by kenne

Give Me The Eagle Eye — I Want It!

The large birds of prey

are a joy to watch

soaring above

with their high density

pixel eyes

focused on small prey

a hundred meters below.

Only if I had eagle eyes,

trading my 20/20 eyes

for 20/5 vision

each placed on the

side of my head

 with a 340-degree visual field  —

imagine the cool look!

— kenne

Here’s a video of an eagle eye view of the world.

Sea Of Cortés Ebb Tide   1 comment

Puerto Penasco September 2013-0009-2 art framed blogSea of Cortés Ebb Tide — Image by kenne

Capturing The Moment — La Pinta Peninsula and Estuary Area Sunrise   2 comments

Puerto Penasco September 2013-0005 Sunset framed blogSunrise Over the La Pinta Peninsula and Estuary area — Image by kenne

Walking alone the sea’s edge

the morning sun rising,

the ebb tide moving out,

birds feasting on

fish stranded in tide pools

as waters rush from the

La Pinta estuary lagoon

at the top of

the Sea of Cortes.

— kenne

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