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coopers-hawk-3-blogCooper’s Hawk On Sabino Canyon Visitor Center Flag Pole (December 14, 2011)
— Image by kenne

The Name of Old Glory — 1898

OLD Glory! Say, who,
by the ships and the crew,
And the long, blended ranks of the gray and the
Blue —

Who gave you, Old Glory, the name that you bear
With such pride everywhere
As you cast yourself free to the rapturous air
And leap out full-length, as we’re wanting you
To? —

Who gave you that name, with the ring of the same,
And the honor and fame so becoming to you? —
Your strips stroked in ripples of white and of red,
With your stars at their glittering best overhead–
By day or by night
Their delightfulest light
Laughing down from their little square heaven of
Blue! —

Who gave you the name of Old Glory? — say, who —
Who gave you the name of Old Glory?

— James Whitcomb Riley

3 responses to “Old Glory

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  1. Great capture!


  2. Seeing the American flag flying always warms my heart.


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