A Little Ragged Around The Edges — Angle Wings   4 comments

Ned's Nature Walk-9743 Mourning Cloak framed blog“A Little Ragged Around The Edges” Mourning Cloak Butterfly — Image by kenne

One of the host plants for the mourning cloak is the desert willow, where this butterfly has overwintered in the Sabino Canyon dam area, perching in sunny openings waiting for receptive female. Looks like winter has been rough on this male mourning Cloak, however the wing edges of this mourning cloak butterfly is an indication that he belongs to a subset called the “angle wings,” making them look like “angel wings.”

Angel Wings

My wings are not 
ragged around
the edges,
what you see
are angel wings —
looks are deceiving.

— kenne

4 responses to “A Little Ragged Around The Edges — Angle Wings

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  1. Mourning Cloak

    He was a bit more cooperative after you moved on. By the way, you might want to edit the title. 😉


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