James Goes Hiking Along the Tanque Verde Wash   5 comments

In his recent visit, James wanted to go hiking (my kind of kid). So, rather than taking him over to Sabino Canyon and walking the Nature Trail near the center, we walked a few hundred feet to the Tanuri Ridge Desert Park down by the Tanque Verde Wash — he loved it! James was providing me my first opportunity to start practicing what I’m learning in the Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalists classes. 

If you think he was not listening, you’re wrong. He is quick to share everything he learns — with everyone!

After telling James about Cairns (trail markers), he wanted to help by adding a stone. He was already familiar with the cairns I have on our patio, for which he would being be additional stones to place on the cairns. Makes one wonder if the Scots Gaelic spirit is inside James — there’s a Scottish Gaelic blessing that goes: “I’ll put a stone on your cairn.” Bless you, James.

Grandma and James facing away from the morning sun looking at the roosting turkey vultures. He was very impressed with the big birds.

5 responses to “James Goes Hiking Along the Tanque Verde Wash

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    It was nine years ago that James and Jill were here on their second visit to Tucson. During that visit, we walked down to the Tanque Verde wash to hike the wash trail.


  4. What a precious young man and I love the fact that he wanted to add a stone to the cairn there. When ideas are planted in young minds, they make a great impression for years to come.

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  5. What a blessing he is 💜


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