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Capturing The Moment — Mariposa Lily Desert Wildflower   5 comments

Friday with Friends & Molino Basin to Prison Camp

Friday with Friends & Molino Basin to Prison CampMariposa Lily Wildflower — Image by kenne Captured in the Molino Basin, Santa Catalina Mountains


There’s blue sage and
Comet Blazing Star,
Forget-me-nots and
Desert candle;
Owl’s clover, and
Dune Primrose and
There is the Scarlet Bugler
And Rattlesnake weed,
Prince’s plume and
Linear-leaf Goldenbush;
Tidy Tips and Rock Cress,
Globe Gilia and Adonis Lupine;
Pineapple Weed, and
Wooly Paintbrush,
Baby Blue Eyes, Fremont Pincushion
And Sun Cups,
Fiddleneck and bright yellow Coreopsis,
Thistle Sage and Desert Calico,
Dandelion and Apricot Mallow and
Fiddleneck and
Of course, a landscape of
Millions of golden poppies;
The desert is in bloom
And it’s all here,
Clamoring for attention,
Demanding to be admired.

–Sandra Lee Smith

Desert Orangetip On A Fiddleneck   Leave a comment

7 Falls April 2013Desert Orangetip Butterfly On A Fiddleneck Wildflower — Image by kenne

Capturing The Moment — Blumblebee On A Fiddleneck   4 comments

Esperero Trail Wildflowers Spring 2013Bumblebee On A Fiddleneck Wildflower — Image by kenne

My Desert Wildflower   5 comments

King Canyon To Wasson PeakDesert Wildflower  — Image by kenne

My desert wildflower,
growing in the desert —
the most challenging place

on earth. 

Saving your strength,
waiting for the rain to come,
when you reach for the sun

and bloom; 

that’s what you’re gonna do,
wait for the rain,
reach to the sun

and bloom.


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