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Sanderling Wading Birds   1 comment

Sanderling Wading Birds — Photo-Artistry by kenne

It is possible to walk along the shore
run from the incoming waves

or if you prefer to wade in the water
splashing and kicking as the waves

move in and out not distracting
the sanderlings, or are they sandpipers

wading and probing as loud,
squawking seagulls fly overhead

only to be decorated from above.

— kenne

Capturing The Moment — Scene Stealer   3 comments

Thanksgiving 2012 Oceanside“Scene Stealer” — Image by kenne


Capturing Moments

May begin with photo opt,

End with a surprise.

— kenne

Capturing The Moment — The Seagull Cries   2 comments

Virginia & Outer Banks 2013

“In and out, in and out.
The seagull cries.
Colors blend and wash ashore,
Drifting in from beyond the skies.”

— from “Sea” by Kate E Deter

To Fly As Fast As Thought   2 comments

Rocky Point

Rocky Point

Rocky Point

Rocky PointSeagull Images by kenne

“He was not bone and feather but a perfect idea of freedom and flight, limited by nothing at all” 
― Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Capturing The Moment — “The Gull Sees Farthest Who Flies Highest”   3 comments

Seagulls Near Oceanside Pier — Images by kenne

“We can lift ourselves out of ignorance, we can find ourselves as creatures of excellence and intelligence and skill.”
― Richard BachJonathan Livingston Seagull


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