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Red-tail Hawk Silhouette   2 comments

Red-tail Hawk-Edit-3-1-72.jpgRed-tail Hawk Silhouette — iPhone 6 Image by kenne

Yesterday I was walking into Sabino Canyon to teach 1st-grade students how the Hohokam lived in the canyon and the Tucson basin hundreds of years ago when a friend spotted a red-tail hawk atop a tall saguaro cactus. Sadly, I didn’t have my Nikon camera with me, so I made use of my iPhone to capture an image. Not what I would like to capture, but it’s better than not getting an image at all.

— kenne

Capturing The Moment — Red-tail Hawk, Ready Or Not!   Leave a comment

Red-tail Hawk — Image by kenne

This past Monday, the “Monday Morning Milers” were hiking south of Rose Canyon Lake on a trail that provides beautiful views in the Santa Catalina mountains. My camera setting were for high-resolution and excellent depth of field photographs when two red-tail hawks began diving at one another in the sky behind me — turning, I quickly zoomed in on one of the hawks, knowing that my camera settings were inappropriate for action rafter shots. Clicking away while changing the shutter speed, time became my enemy as the hawk flew between the sun and my camera.

The above image was shot at a shutter speed of 160th of a second, too slow for 300 mm shots. I usually try to hike with my camera preset and therefore ready for high-speed action shots, which is a practice I learned from fellow Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalist (SCVN) and expert rafter photography, Ned Harris — maybe next time I will be ready.


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