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Philip Levine — The Voice Of The Voiceless And That’s The Simple Truth   2 comments

WIPPhotosScanned36 Phillip Levain blog art frameSimple TruthPhilip Levine — Image by kenne

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Writers In Performance Series, Mid-1990’s — Images by Nancy Parsons

Voice of the Voiceless

life is simple,
we make it complicated —
that’s the simple truth.

I found myself reading
the poems of Philip Levine —
blessed with the gifts
of listening and observing;
enabling him to care,
he has called the
“voice of the voiceless”.

Above all,
Levine is a story-teller
of people decaying
in the spoils of the rich,
speaking directly
from the front lines,
bearing witness to
revolutions, faded.

By writing about work,
Levine writes about life.
waiting in the work line.
waiting in the assembly line.
waiting for the next task —
not changed from the last.

I, too,
worked an assembly line.
I, too,
bless the imagination
that have given me
myths I live by —
images created by
my visionary power
to bear witness.

I, too,
sing America —
that’s the simple truth.

— kenne

p. s. The other day I was listening to NPR when I heard that Philip Levine added another award to the many this great American poet has received, the American Academy of Poets life-time achievement award (Wallace Stevens Award). Levine, the 2011 U.S. poet laureate and Pulitzer Prize winner for his book, “The Simple Truth” is one of my favorite living poets. It was not long after this book’s publication that we were honored to have Levine read at Long Star College – Montgomery, Writers In Performance Series.


Laureate Philip Levine, Working Class Poet
by Robin Bates

An Abandoned Factory, Detroit

by Philip Levine

The gates are chained, the barbed-wire fencing stands,
An iron authority against the snow,
And this grey monument to common sense
Resists the weather. Fears of idle hands,
Of protest, men in league, and of the slow
Corrosion of their minds, still charge this fence.

Beyond, through broken windows one can see
Where the great presses paused between their strokes
And thus remain, in air suspended, caught
In the sure margin of eternity.
The cast-iron wheels have stopped; one counts the spokes
Which movement blurred, the struts inertia fought,

And estimates the loss of human power,
Experienced and slow, the loss of years,
The gradual decay of dignity.
Men lived within these foundries, hour by hour;
Nothing they forged outlived the rusted gears
Which might have served to grind their eulogy.


Capturing The Moment — Magnolia Morning   3 comments

“Magnolia Morning” In The Catalina Foothills — Image by kenne

This morning inspiration came from my friend, artist Nancy Parsons. On Tuesday she posted “Magnolia Memory.” Yesterday she posted the same painting with her sister,  “Magnolia Minuet.”

While having a cup of coffee on the patio, I visited her site. Her beautiful magnolia blossom appeared on the screen as I gazed over the laptop at a magnolia tree I planted this spring. Was this karma, or what?

I went inside to get my camera, taking several images. The above image is the result of Nancy’s inspiration. 

Here’s a link to Nancy’s posting:


Nancy Parsons’ Tufted Titmouse   2 comments

“Forest Forager” 6×6″ oil on Ampersand panel by Nancy Parsons

It’s not everyday that I can share the interests of old friends with my new naturalist friends, but this morning I received one of Nancy Parsons’ regular email alerting me of a new painting on her blog, “Head On Down The Highway…” Her latest painting is that of a Tufted Titmouse, which are common this time of year in east Texas — not so common in the Tucson area. I understand that the Bridled Titmouse can be found in Madera Canyon, but not Sabino Canyon.

I love Nancy’s paintings, not because she is a dear friend, but because she is good! As a photography, I’m hesitant to say it, but I get more out of her painting of this very attractive and gregarious bird than I do from a photograph. Maybe it’s timing, having viewed it first this morning after returning from a 32 degree Sabino Canyon with sleet at the center and snow in the mountains — a perfect fit. Perched on the tree branch weathering the conditions reminded me of a Phainopepia I saw in the canyon this morning looking like it was thinking, “. . . and I migrated down from Mount Lemmon to get away from cold weather.”

As always, Nancy, thanks for sharing your beautiful work. I hope my naturalist friends will enjoy as much as I do.

You can click on Nancy Parsons in the credit line under the above image or on her blog title.


Dave Parsons — Texas Poet Laureate, 2011   1 comment

Dave Parsons — Photo-Artistry by kenne

On June 6, 2009, posting on Paul Ruffin being selected as the Texas poet laureate, I wrote: “As a member of the Montgomery County Literary Arts Council (MCLAC) and close friend of founder, Dave Parsons, it was with mixed emotions that we received the news Paul’s being named the new Texas poet laureate, an honor for which both were finalists.” Although the irony of Dave having nominated Paul can’t go unnoticed, Dave would have it no other way. We are blessed to have both these great writers living in Montgomery County, fast becoming a literary hub.” So NOW MONTGOMERY COUNTY HAS TWO TEXAS POET LAUREATES! Yes, I just learned from a Facebook entry posted by Nancy Parsons, Dave’s wife, about this great news. This recognition is indeed a most deserving honor for my dear friend, Dave. CONGRATULATIONS! 

— kenne

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