Nancy Parsons’ Tufted Titmouse   2 comments

“Forest Forager” 6×6″ oil on Ampersand panel by Nancy Parsons

It’s not everyday that I can share the interests of old friends with my new naturalist friends, but this morning I received one of Nancy Parsons’ regular email alerting me of a new painting on her blog, “Head On Down The Highway…” Her latest painting is that of a Tufted Titmouse, which are common this time of year in east Texas — not so common in the Tucson area. I understand that the Bridled Titmouse can be found in Madera Canyon, but not Sabino Canyon.

I love Nancy’s paintings, not because she is a dear friend, but because she is good! As a photography, I’m hesitant to say it, but I get more out of her painting of this very attractive and gregarious bird than I do from a photograph. Maybe it’s timing, having viewed it first this morning after returning from a 32 degree Sabino Canyon with sleet at the center and snow in the mountains — a perfect fit. Perched on the tree branch weathering the conditions reminded me of a Phainopepia I saw in the canyon this morning looking like it was thinking, “. . . and I migrated down from Mount Lemmon to get away from cold weather.”

As always, Nancy, thanks for sharing your beautiful work. I hope my naturalist friends will enjoy as much as I do.

You can click on Nancy Parsons in the credit line under the above image or on her blog title.


2 responses to “Nancy Parsons’ Tufted Titmouse

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  1. Glad you liked my little Titmouse today, Kenne. Thanks so much for letting us both sing and dance on your blog stage. : )


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