Capturing The Moment — Dragonfly In Flight   2 comments

Dragonfly In Sabino Canyon — Images by kenne

Near the end of last Wednesday’s SCVN Nature Walk, leader Ned Harris lead us over to a marshy area near Sabino Creek where he had seen dragonfly a few days earlier. Since the cooler weather isn’t conducive for dragonfly flight, I wasn’t expecting much. So, not surprisingly, there were only a few dragonflies darting around the small marsh area. I walked out near where one had found a favorite place, which I had notice, in his flight, he kept coming back to the same spot. The top image is the spot, and the lower image is dragonfly in flight — my first ever.


2 responses to “Capturing The Moment — Dragonfly In Flight

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  1. Remarkable! wow..It is absolutely great!! nice images. They are always on the move it seems. I use to always make my brother catch them for me but now that I am older and he has passed on. I just like to watch them and hope that I can get one to land on my arm.
    Thank you
    for bringing back nice memories for me and I love your site. .


  2. Reblogged this on Becoming is Superior to Being and commented:

    Taken in early December 2011, this may still my only image of a dragonfly in flight. — kenne


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