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It’s Time For A Standing Ovation   2 comments

Jeff Hahn 20150129_101231 blogSCVN Naturalist, Jeff Hahn Teaching 1st Grade Students In Sabino Canyon — Image by Phil Bentley

It’s Time For A Standing Ovation

After losing several Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalists to surgery, death, life-style change and relocation, the Thursday SCVN Elementary Program team has been fortunate to get three new team members from the 2014 Naturalists class (Jeff Hahn, Nancy Murphy and Bob Veranes). We are so please with our new team acquisitions – they are already doing a super job teaching children about nature.

So far I have team-taught with Bob and Jeff and each brings new energy and ideas to the Thursday team, which brings me to the purpose of this entry.

Based on the assumption that we (the Thursday elementary team) didn’t just luck out and get the best of the 2014 class, the commitment and effort of all involved in preparing this year’s class is deserving of our applause. From the time spent requiting, creating rosters and agendas, scheduling presenters, updating the curriculum, evaluating, mentoring and motivating, the training team deserves our recognition and continued support. SCVN cannot continue to be a great volunteer organization without continued membership growth.

I know I can speak for the Thursday Elementary team, so I will assume I can speak for all SCVN members in saying:

“THANK YOU, thank you for all your superb work in preparing the SCVN class of 2014.”

Your work will continue to be reflected in the happy faces of the children of Sabino Canyon.

— kenne

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