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Capturing The Moment — Scattering The Ashes Of Tom Turner   2 comments

Meydenbauer Beach Park_Panorama2 blogPanorama View of Meydenbauer Bay, Bellevue, WA 


This past Sunday, in a drizzling chilly rain, I was with my nieces Vanessa and Lisa scattering their dad’s ashes at Meydenbauer Beach Park where they often spent time with their dad. Joy and I first visited the park in the mid-eighties and with the passing of time the park has changed — then a more rustic park with a lot more trees and shrubs. Either way, it’s still a beautiful park on Meydenbauer Bay on Lake Washington. Among the stories the girls shared as we walked together in the park was of their dad running from their home in Bellevue to the park — running directly into the water, which sounds a lot like Tom.

Knowing that we would be with Vanessa and Lisa as they scattered their dad’s ashes, Joy and I traveled to Seattle with some of Grandma Agnes’s aches so they would be scattered together. Since we had an “In Loving Celebration of Thomas R. Turner” ceremony Saturday in the Main Hall at Camp Long in West Seattle, there was no formal scattering of ashes ceremony — just Vanessa and daughter Violet, Lisa, Joy and me. Vanessa’s husband Jon was home with son Henry, and Lisa’s husband Mike home with son Austin. The scattering of ashes at Meydenbauer Beach Park was the way Tom would have wanted it, intimate and personal.

This coming May 23 we will be remembering Tom’s birthday with the Dylan Thomas line he always sent to me on my birthday:

“…High Among Beaks and Palavers of Vultures
He Celebrates and Spurns His Driftwood
SEVENTY-THIRD Wind Turned Age…”

In your honor, Tom, we will keep searching for clarity . . . lucidity.



The following poem ended Saturday’s “In Loving Celebration of Thomas R. Turner” ceremony.

A Clear Midnight

by Walt Whitman

This is thy hour O Soul, thy free flight into the wordless,
Away from books, away from art, the day erased, the lesson done,
Thee fully forth emerging, silent, gazing, pondering the themes thou lovest best,
Night, sleep, death and the stars.

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Capturing The Moment — Seattle Fog In Tucson   3 comments

This morning was as if we had brought the Seattle area fog and drizzle to Tucson. Fog, like snow, can be a real big deal in the desert, making for a pleasant change. 

Foggy Shore Line (1 of 1) blogMeydenbauer Bay On Lake Washington, Bellevue, WA — Images by kenne

Patio Fog (1 of 1) blogTanuri Ridge Patio View (West)

Front Fog (1 of 1) blogTanuri Ridge Circle View (East)

Desert Fog

The sliding doors opened to fog,
rendering the mountains a negative opaque.

The normal morning quietness
seemed even more somber,

not in a gloomy way
with its limited view,

instead consoling vanishing
dreams with an attentive hug

having loved once in splendor,
how tender is the morning.

— kenne

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