Capturing The Moment — Arizona Sister Butterfly   1 comment

Arizona Sister (1 of 1)-2 blog framed

Arizona Sister (1 of 1)-3 blog framed

Arizona Sister (1 of 1) blog framedArizona Sister Butterfly — Images by kenne

Thanks Can Mean A Lot, Especially When It Comes From Kids   7 comments

Thank You Card blog

Sabino Canyon-9436 blog

Thank You Card 1 blog

Panning (1 of 1)-9 blogThank You Cards From Kids Participating In Sabino Canyon’s Elementary School Program.
After all the years of working with adults, I’m loving working with kid’s grade 1-6.
Of course, I’m still working with adults leading hikes and nature walks — anything to be outside.
— kenne

Sometimes Trying Is Not Good Enough   2 comments

This past Friday I was one of the SCVN guides for the last summer hike on Mt. Lemmon. Even though I generally have one of my cameras when being a guide, hiking and trying to photograph birds don’t go together, without a lot of luck.

Just below the Marshall Gulch Saddle, I spotted several Acorn Woodpecker flying among the towering dead trees that died from the Aspen fire eleven years ago. The acorn woodpecker is a beautiful bird, both in flight and perched on the side of a tree, so I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to photograph them as the hiking group moved on. Knowing that my time was limited and that these birds were not into posing, in fact they prefer being on the opposite side of the tree from you, I began searching for photo opportunities. Acorn Woodpecker (1 of 1)-2 blog

The above image might have worked if the auto-focused had locked in on the right object. After landing on the opposite side of the tree, I kept the camera pointed in the same direction when he appeared on the back-side of one of the tree limbs where I could see part of his body — my only shot is below and this time the focus was on the bird. 

Acorn Woodpecker (1 of 1) blog

Not much of a shot, so I’m sharing the photo below from the blog, The Azure Gate. He’s more into birding, I’m just a photographer who has many passions. Plus, I was asking too much of my lens.

Acorn Woodpecker (1 of 1)-3 blogAcorn Woodpecker – Source: The Azure Gate 

In Support Of The Rock   2 comments

DeGrozia Gallery“Succulents In Support Of The Rock” — Image by kenne

We support the rock

Sleeping in its memory

An island by choice.

– kenne

Ray Bonneville @ Ken & Mary’s Blues Project   Leave a comment


August 30, 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, “The Big Easy.” Since that time, many songs have been written about this storm and the loss suffered. However the music and soul of this one of a kind city was not destroyed. Now nine years later I’m sharing again a posting I did November 18, 2009 that includes a song by Ray Bonneville, “The Big Easy.”
Ray was on the east Texas house concert stage of Ken & Mary’s Blues Project. Like so many evening at Ken & Mary’s in pineywoods of East Texas, this was one of many memoral evenings.
As I do on many Saturday evening here in Tucson, I was listening to Marty Kool’s blues program on KXCI, and he had a segment on New Orleans. One of the songs he played was Bonneville’s “Big Easy.” This video, if I say so myself, captures the feeling and soul of Bonneville’s love of the city called “The Big Easy.” I’m so pleased I was there to capture the moment. — kenne

Originally posted on Becoming is Superior to Being:

I believe that all the little things in life add up to one’s life. So, it’s important to get them right, otherwise nothing else matters.  I’m here to tell you that Ken and Mary Harris have been getting it right for a long time.

They love people and they love the Blues, and for years now have been doing a lot of little things that have been adding up in the form of the “Blues Project.”

Several times a year, Ken and Mary open their home to friends and their guests to experience the best in blues music this side of Texas. Sadly, many have no idea what they are missing, and sometimes it can get lonely in the promise land by yourself.

Even so, Ken and Mary’s Blues Project remains a portal to the Blues, through which many enter in their east Texas travels. One recent traveler (November 14…

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Posted August 30, 2014 by Kenne Turner in Information

A Mushroom Grows In The Forest   4 comments

mushroom (1 of 1 blog)“A Mushroom Grows In The Forest” — Image by kenne

The Elf and the Dormouse

UNDER a toadstool crept a wee Elf,
Out of the rain to shelter himself.

Under the toadstool, sound asleep,
Sat a big Dormouse all in a heap.

Trembled the wee Elf, frightened and yet 
Fearing to fly away lest he get wet.

To the next shelter—maybe a mile!
Sudden the wee Elf smiled a wee smile.

Tugged till the toadstool toppled in two.
Holding it over him, gaily he flew.

Soon he was safe home, dry as could be.
Soon woke the Dormouse—”Good gracious me!

“Where is my toadstool?” loud he lamented.
—And that’s how umbrellas first were invented.

 — Oliver Herford

If only one could tell true love from false love as one can tell mushrooms from toadstools.

– Katherine Mansfield


De Grazia — The Man Was In The Grove   Leave a comment

DeGrozia GalleryDe Grazia Gallery In The Sun, Tucson

One of my favorite places in Tucson is the De Grazia Gallery In The Sun — I go there every chance I get to learn about and admire the work of Ted De Grazia. The gallery is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and houses six permanent collections of paintings that  trace historical events and native cultures of the Southwest.

Having just learned of a new book, De Grazia – The Man and Myths, by James W. Johnson and Marilyn D. Johnson, I’m eager to buy it and learn more about De Grazia. In the following video, the authors talk about the making of their book.

Janie & David VisitFamily Visiting the Gallery While In Tucson

The Gallery In The Sun is a must stop for family and friends visiting us here in Tucson. 

DeGrozia GalleryOne of my favorite Ted DeGrazia paintings — Tambolero

De Grazia’s art work overshadows his skills as a musician and composer. A trumpeter, De Grazia had a “big band” orchestra during the 1930’s, which help pay his tuition at the University of Arizona where he earned a Master of Arts with his thesis, “Art and its Relation to Music in Music Education.” One of my favorite De Grazia painting is that of a drummer, “Tambolero,” which brings to mind Steve Gadd, one of the most well-known and highly regarded session and studio drummers in the industry. If you like big band jazz, you will love the following video, Steve Gadd & The Buddy Rich Big Band: Basically Blue.


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