Capturing The Moment — Fall Festival Time   Leave a comment

Festival Time 008 b-wFall Festival Time — Image by kenne

Let the wind Blow in your face..
and Let the Sun beams Warm you
As if standing near a fireplace…
To Hear the Hearts& Guidance
Of Your Elders Wisdom.
Blowing in the Wind
With the Dandelion Tufts
wafting over The Sky Fathers Land.
Listen with Your Heart…
Reach out with your Spirits Hand…
well Child I am exceedingly Glad.
I found you Searching for Me.
I will try to be the wind
rustling your feathers
to keep you aloft
rising above it all…

– from Fall Festival by Stephanie Mellisa Kievaughan

Capturing The Moment — Photo/Computer Painting   2 comments

Clouds (1 of 1)-5_edit art blogComputer Painting (October 19, 2014) by kenne


Clouds (1 of 1)-5_edit blogSunset Image (October 18, 2014) by kenne

Today everything exists to end in a photograph.

― Susan Sontag

Fall Colors In Black and White   2 comments

Aspen Trail -- 10-22-12Fall Colors In Black and White — Image by kenne

Lines, tones, contrasts

Are what make an image art –

 Color is pretty.

– kenne

Mik Garrison at La Cocina Cantina   Leave a comment

Mik Garrison at La Cocina Cantina, October 11, 2014 — Images and video by kenne 

After spending some time checking out the scene at the “Tucson Meet Yourself” event October 11, 2014, we walked over to one of a favorite cantinas in the historic Presidio district. On this Saturday afternoon the music was by Mik and the Funky Brunch. As described on the La Cocina website, Mik Garrison is a beat-box looping, bassist, singer and saxman. Mik is a funk/afro-pop/jazz groove original song-writer that will free-style and make you shake yo rump. 

Mik’s music is a fusion of different genres making use of synthetic and traditional musical instruments. At times I could close my eyes, picturing a young Tom Waits singing a funky, ” Bad As Me.”

They were cheap but they were real,
the old bistros. You could have a meal,
drink the devil’s own red wine, and contemplate
the sawdust on the floor, or fate,
as the full-fed beast kicked the empty pail.

– from “Poem in the Modernist Manner” by David Lehman


Mik and the Funky Brunch at La Cocina Cantina


The Arches Of Del Sol   5 comments

Del Sol B-W (1 of 1) blogThe Arches of Del Sol — Image by kenne

Aging is an arch

Reflecting experience

Upon which to build.

– kenne

Capturing The Moment — After Hours   1 comment

Del Sol - Oasis Bar (1 of 1)-2 blogAfter Hours at the Oasis Bar — Image by kenne

after hours

at the

Oasis Bar


my drink





desert night

as the



– kenne

Capturing The Moment — Nighttime At Casino Del Sol   Leave a comment

Del Sol (1 of 1)-4_blog framedNighttime at Casino Del Sol — Image by kenne

the pool area shining in the darkness,
I feel the pulse of the night
bouncing off the light
a juxtaposition different
for those in the water
nor as chilly 
as the night air

I ponder the sadness
of those losing money
always to the house
so I sit by the pool 
winning with money 
still in my pocket
meditating in the moment

– kenne



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