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Rainy Day Clouds-4945 blogThe Winds of Change — Image by kenne

On this Music Sunday, one of my favorite songs from the early 80’s.

“Winds Of Change”

Walk softly through the desert sands
Careful where you tread
Underfoot are the visions lost
Sleeping not yet dead

Hang on – Winds starting to howl
Hang on – The beast is on the prowl
Hang on – Can you hear the strange cry
Winds of change are blowing by

Mountains crumble and cities fall
Don’t come to an end
Just lie scattered on the desert floor
Waiting for the wind


You got your life planned carefully
But you left out one detail
The hidden hand deals just one round
And the winds of change prevail


Walk softly through the desert sand
Old dreams lead the way
Nothing new in the sands of time
Just changes every day

Hang on – It’s starting again
Hang on – There’s no shelter from the wind
Hang on – Like a fire from the sky
Winds of change are blowing by

– Jefferson Airship

Remembering the Hiking Moments   Leave a comment

Hikers (1 of 1) blog“Remembering The Hiking Moments” — Image by kenne

Remembering the Hiking Moments

Let’s remember for a moment . . .

The trailhead gatherings,
the greetings, the smiles,
the joy of another hike.

The steep climbs, the switchbacks,
the majestic views at the top,
the masterful returns.

The trail fellowship,
sharing who we are
and common interests.

The pools near mountain trails,
resting tired feet in the cold water,
while others jump in.

The hikes alone ridges of granite
and the juxtapositions of water-loving
and drought-tolerating plants.

The images captured on camera,
or our mind’s eye,
lasting images to share.

That which we have added
to life’s experiences forming
a better understanding of self.

The desire, the drive to see 
what lies just over the next ridge,
on the other side of the mountain.

Our Sabino Canyon friends,
“May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome,
dangerous, leading to the most amazing view.” *

– kenne

* Edward Abbey



Better Than All Measures   Leave a comment

saguaro (1 of 1)-2 On Convas blogGiant Saguaro Cactus, “Better Than All Measures”
— Photo on Canvas by kenne

Better than all measures
Of delightful sound,
Better than all treasures
That in books are found,
Thy skill to poet were, thou scorner of the ground!

Teach me half the gladness
That thy brain must know,
Such harmonious madness
From my lips would flow
The world should listen then, as I am listening now!

– from To A Skylark by Percy Bysshe Shelley

New Orleans, Jackson Square   1 comment


Jackson Square, New Orleans (December 28, 2015) — Image by kenne

After hours joints have closed
The music has faded away,
Even the horn player
In front of the cathedral.

A new world takes over,
The night people lost in the fog
As if hiding from the light
And the people of the dawn.

In Jackson Square, the show goes on
With the new day, a new act
Enters from stage left and right,
Carrying their daily wares.

This ritual, old as the city,
Played out as people walk by,
Only briefly noticing a passing soul,
Neither greeting the other.

Protected by the levee
On the edge of the big muddy
Visitors a wait the man with the key
To open the Place d’Armes gates.

Entering the historical Jackson park
Gazing on “Old Hickory,”
Leading the 1815 charge
In the Battle of New Orleans.

For many morning walkers
Passing through the square,
Is only a route to Café Dumonde
For chicory coffee and beignets.

– kenne

. . . take the risk!   2 comments

Thanksgiving 2012 Oceanside“Cigar Smoke” Still Life– Computer Art by kenne

Experiencing not knowing what you are doing,

take the risk.

Experiencing being read by not writing,

take the risk.

Experiencing what you feel is right,

take the risk.

Experiencing public criticism,

take the risk.

Experiencing life’s unknowns,

take the risk.

Experiencing sadness to better feel happiness,

take the risk.

Experiencing death in the face of fear,

take the risk.

Experiencing self by removing your mask,

take the risk.

Experiencing the courage to be free,

take the risk.

Experiencing sex on a park jungle gym,

take the risk.

Experiencing a feel-good-hurt,

take the risk.

Experiencing sixty-five in first gear,

take the risk.

Experiencing hitting the wall,

take the risk.

Experiencing a natural high,

take the risk.

Experiencing taking a chance,

take the risk.

Experiencing, that’s what it’s all about –

       . . . so, take the risk.

– kenne


A “Simple Song” To Live By   Leave a comment

Italian SpringsThey’ll Love You When You’re All Alone — Image by kenne

“Simple Song”

It’s a simple song for simple feeling
You see the moon and watch it rise
Across the continent the night-bird sings
And somewhere someone hears its cry

So disillusioned
Keep your head down
If you do they’ll never know
You’ll have no answers to their questions
And they will have to let you go

And disenfranchised
They’ll take away by right what’s yours
And make you martyrs of your own cause
When they don’t know what cause it’s for

And all deserted
Stand alerted
They’ll love you when you’re all alone
But you find a red rose in the morning light
You wait the night and find it gone

So hear my words with faith and passion
For what I say to you is true
And when you find the one you might become
Remember part of me is you

– Lyle Lovett

Showers over night   4 comments

Morning French Quarter (1 of 1) Art blogMorning In The New Orleans French Quarter — Computer Art by kenne

Showers over night

Reducing the body count –

Street casualties.

– kenne



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