Mountain Stream   1 comment

Ski Vally Colors (1 of 1)-3 blog Ski Vally Colors (1 of 1)-4 blog Ski Vally Colors (1 of 1)-5 blogMountain Stream (Mt. Lemmon) — Images by kenne

Rain kissed over night

Leaves falling near the stream

Twisting and turning

Under the forest canopy

For now blocking the morning sun

From brightening the new

Canvass of fall colors.

– kenne

Bear Claw Marks On Stump   Leave a comment

Ski Vally Colors (1 of 1)-6_edit bear clawing blogClaw marks made by bear foraging for insects — Image by kenne

Yesterday’s Sunset   Leave a comment

Sunsets (1 of 1)-2 blogYesterday’s Sunset — Image by kenne

Yesterday’s sunset

One of nature’s many gifts

that keeps on giving.

– kenne


Capturing The Moment — Children Pouring Water   Leave a comment

Children Fountain (1 of 1) art blogChildren Pouring Water Fountain — Image by kenne

Like The Leaves Of Fall, We Are Changing   1 comment

Aspen Trail -- 10-22-12Fall Colors at Sky Valley On Mt. Lemmon — Image by kenne

The nature of man
is to be eternally making himself
and determining what he is,
in fact and in mind.

In thought and action,
one is continually interpreting experience
and integrating his interpretations
into a total constellation.

Each moment of continuous experience
changes the constellation.
And if one is alienated from his flowing experience,
his identity is lost.

It is impossible to know oneself
and for all,
for one is never present
once and for all.

– Clinton R. Meek, Beyond Individuality

Capturing The Moment — Fall Festival Time   Leave a comment

Festival Time 008 b-wFall Festival Time — Image by kenne

Let the wind Blow in your face..
and Let the Sun beams Warm you
As if standing near a fireplace…
To Hear the Hearts& Guidance
Of Your Elders Wisdom.
Blowing in the Wind
With the Dandelion Tufts
wafting over The Sky Fathers Land.
Listen with Your Heart…
Reach out with your Spirits Hand…
well Child I am exceedingly Glad.
I found you Searching for Me.
I will try to be the wind
rustling your feathers
to keep you aloft
rising above it all…

– from Fall Festival by Stephanie Mellisa Kievaughan

Capturing The Moment — Photo/Computer Painting   2 comments

Clouds (1 of 1)-5_edit art blogComputer Painting (October 19, 2014) by kenne


Clouds (1 of 1)-5_edit blogSunset Image (October 18, 2014) by kenne

Today everything exists to end in a photograph.

― Susan Sontag


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