Just Visiting   1 comment

desert globemallow (1 of 1) blog“Just Visiting” Image by kenne

It’s Just A Cloud Thing   4 comments

Clouds (1 of 1)-2 blog

Clouds (1 of 1) blog

“It’s Just A Cloud Thing” Clouds Over the Santa Catalina Mountains (March 20, 2015) — Images by kenne

I love to watch them

Building above the mountains,

It’s just a cloud thing.

– kenne

“. . . listen like saguaros listening to cactus wrens”   1 comment

7 Falls (1 of 1) sepia blogSonoran Desert Moonscape — Image by kenne

. . . listen like a mountain

listen like saguaros listening

to cactus wrens, coyotes, night

owl: listen like the owl

listen like the owl’s prey

jittery in rocks beneath bighorn’s

clocking feet: listen to the clock

listen to time, listen

to rattler’s warning maracas

listen, like the culebra, with

your tongues . . .


carnales listen

to the hymn of it, the lie of it, the

prayer of it, the voices

singing our names: listen

it’s our story, it’s our song,

you’ve got to hear it — 


– from Listen, by Luis Alberto Urrea

Looking Back In Time   Leave a comment

Bear Canyon (1 of 1) Sepia art blog“Looking Back In Time” — Image by kenne

Picture framed moment

The present is now the past

Looking back in time

– kenne

Capturing The Moment — Sun Bathing Rock Squirrel   1 comment

Rock Squirrel (1 of 1) blog

Rock Squirrel (1 of 1)-2 blogRock Squirrel — Images by kenne


Capturing The Springtime Moment: Parish Larkspur WIldflower   Leave a comment

parish larkspur (1 of 1) blog

parish larkspur (1 of 1)-2 blogParish Larkspur WIldflower Images by kenne

Conditions for wildflowers are much better this spring than last year.
Yesterday (March 20, 2015) we saw several parish larkspur along the Bear Canyon trail at about 2,700 ft.
There were many, at first glance I thought they were lupines.

Last year I posted images of a single parish larkspur April 16th near Hutche’s Pool (3,900 ft.)

– kenne

Sabino Canyon Creek Above The Dam   Leave a comment

above the dam (1 of 1) blog IISabino Canyon Creek Above The Dam — Image by kenne

Running down mountains

A shadow of once what was

There above the dam.

– kenne



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