Wisdom of Art III   1 comment

Two-Tailed Swallowtail Butterflies (6 of 6) grunge art blogWisdom of Art III” Computer art by kenne

The main thing now is not to paint precociously but to be,
or at least become, an individual.
The art of mastering life is the prerequisite for all further forms of expression,
whether they are paintings, sculptures, tragedies, or musical compositions.

— Paul Klee

Wisdom of Art II   3 comments

Two-Tailed Swallowtail Butterflies (4 of 6) grunge art blog“Wisdom of Art II” — Computer Art by kenne

“It is surely a great calamity for a human being to have no obsessions.”

— Robert Bly

Wisdom of Art   1 comment

Two-Tailed Swallowtail Butterflies (1 of 6)-Art blog“Wisdom of Art” — Computer Art by kenne

“This is the wisdom of art, the knowledge that beauty perhaps is the one undeniably unique attribute of the human.”

— C. K. Williams

SCVN Training — Day 1   3 comments

SCVN Day 1

Sabino Canyon Tour Led By David Wentworth Lazaroff (September, 2011) — Image by kenne

Yesterday was day one of training for the 20115/16 Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalists (SCVN) class. It was just four years ago that I was part of the 2011 class. This year, as then the first day included a tram tour of the canyon by David Lazaroff, naturalist, author and founder of SCVN.

Like a kid, the first day of class was very exciting, getting to know fellow classmates, our naturalists leaders and meeting David Lazaroff. His book, Sabino Canyon — The Life of a Southwestern Oasis, is a must read for all naturalists in southern Arizona. 

Yesterday’s first day for the new class brought back many memories as I was there to greet the new class members. This morning, before writing this post, I viewed again a video I made in 2011 of Lazaroff’s tour of Sabino Canyon. As per his request, the video is available only for SCVN members.

I love going to Sabino Canyon!

I love going to Sabino Canyon,
a place to come together with nature.

I love the people there,
sharing feelings with nature.

I love being able to see
the beauty of nature.

I love going to Sabino Canyon!

I love being able to reflect
on the art of nature.

I love close-up encounters
with all things in nature.

I love capturing the moment,
drawing inspiration from nature.

I love going to Sabino Canyon!

I love learning new ways
to connect with nature.

I love getting to know me
by connecting with nature.

I love finding surprising things
by getting to know nature.

I love going to Sabino Canyon!

I love the feelings of being alive
by walking with nature.

I love knowing that
forever is the life of nature.

I love knowing that
all that is, is nature.

I love going to Sabino Canyon!

— kenne

This video was first posted on this blog March of 2010, a few months before we moved from The Woodlands, Texas
to Tucson, and a year and a half before beginning training to become a naturalist.
Viewing this video now reminds me how little I knew about the Sonoran Desert,
still it’s a reflection of my love for this southwestern oasis.

To the new SCVN class: If you like Sabino Canyon now, you will learn to love it!


The Matrix of Matter — Revisited   Leave a comment

First Posted May 10, 2008

Does It Matter That There Is No Matter?

The short answer is, no. What matters is “…the matrix of all matter.”

The dictionary definition of matrix is “…that which gives origin or form to a thing, or which serves to enclose it; the rectangular arrangement into rows and columns of the elements of a set.”

A matrix is formed when parallel existences are crossed to form new relationships that allow for a convivial environment. For Max Planck, who most credit the modern use of “matrix”, it was the field of resulting from linking the conscious and intelligent mind. The process of doing this, in which we can exist as one in the universe, is matrixing. That is to say that we continually attempt to alter our surrounding into that benefits all existence more and more. This is what matrixing is all about; continually developing an environment by building upon a past development without having to recreate the original development from scratch.

From an existential view, it is the act of placing one’s self back into the world, becoming unified will all things. To do otherwise is to ignore enough reality, in which that not ignored is distorted in ignorance. Traditional science tends to view humans as separate from the whole and in doing so can result in the repression of a single phenomenon. The act of this behavior is judging. Thou shalt not judge! Placing desires for one thing above existence in the fullness of all it is. By setting up preferences, which exclude any of life, we have condemned ourselves to ignorance.

If matrixing is the process of living as one in the universe, then the goal of understanding existence is becoming identical with the process. One is closest to understanding existence when most puzzled as to the true nature of the universe.

Yesterday I received an email from a friend in Brazil in response to one of my blog entries, which I would like to share:

“Although I may agree with you in several aspects, I´m not that optimistic and idealistic. For what I´m concerned, many consequences (specially those relating to climatic aspects and geo-political caotic scenario) won´t be able to be avoided, which will cause an increase of pain and suffering in the world. Tomorrow´s dawn will be a dark one, no matter what we do now. We can only prepare ourselves and make sure the day after tomorrow won´t be even darker
‘Can you picture what will be
so limitless and free
desperately in need… of some…stranger´s hand
in a desperate land.’”
Such a feeling is not uncommon in today’s world, which has also been noted my one of today’s most noted writers, Gregg Braden, on the marriage of science and spirituality being the answer to solving the problems such as those expressed by my Brazilian friend. Last evening, Joy and I had an opportunity to attend Gregg’s presentation at Unity Houston titled, The Science of Miracles: If You Know the Code, You Choose the Limits!
Can we solve today’s major global problems, which have existed in the past only now to be converging for the first time into a “perfect storm” scenario? For Gregg Braden, the answer is Yes!
However, it is in our hands.

Air, Soil, Water, Fire — Those Are Words   2 comments

Mushrooms (1 of 1)-10 art_edited-1 blogMushrooms in the Fourteen year-old Mt. Lemmon Aspen Fire — Image by kenne

Air, soil, water, fire—those are words,
I myself am a word with them—my qualities interpenetrated with
theirs—my name is nothing to them,
Though it were told in the three thousand languages, what would
air, soil, water, fire, know of my name?

— from A Song of the Rolling Earth by Walt Whitman

As The Spirit Wanes   1 comment

Snow 2013A Change of  Scene, Santa Catalina Mountains (February 21, 2013) — Image by kenne

Four inches

 of snow

on the

mountains tops

 April 26th.

this image

is not it

since the snow


early morning —


would say

“as the



the form appears.”



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