Capturing The Moment — Seattle Fog In Tucson   3 comments

This morning was as if we had brought the Seattle area fog and drizzle to Tucson. Fog, like snow, can be a real big deal in the desert, making for a pleasant change. 

Foggy Shore Line (1 of 1) blogMeydenbauer Bay On Lake Washington, Bellevue, WA — Images by kenne

Patio Fog (1 of 1) blogTanuri Ridge Patio View (West)

Front Fog (1 of 1) blogTanuri Ridge Circle View (East)

Desert Fog

The sliding doors opened to fog,
rendering the mountains a negative opaque.

The normal morning quietness
seemed even more somber,

not in a gloomy way
with its limited view,

instead consoling vanishing
dreams with an attentive hug

having loved once in splendor,
how tender is the morning.

— kenne

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3 responses to “Capturing The Moment — Seattle Fog In Tucson

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  1. Having been a transplant from the East to Prescott, I can remember the eerie excitement that a foggy day would bring.


  2. I heard that this happened today. I’m coming back to Tucson next week for a visit and I’m ordering up some sunshine. I have more fog here than I ever wanted. Thanks for all the great images that you post of the Old Pueblo.


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