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Capturing Many Moments On The Aspen Loop   6 comments

Aspen Loop, hiking, Mt. LemmonHaving a snack at “lunch ledge” just off the Aspen Loop on Mount Lemmon as the clouds begin to build-up.

Aspen Loop, hiking, Mt. LemmonThere wasn’t much time to relax before lightning and thunder began causing us to start moving quickly back to the train head. — Images by kenne

Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.

— Paulo Coelho


Aspen Loop & Lunch Ledge Out Of Marshall Gulch   5 comments

Dan, Ed, Janet & Tim at Marshall Gulch 

Ann, Ed, Kathy, Janet, Dan & Tim — Images by kenne

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The Friday, June 22, 2012 hike was scheduled to be Green Mountain #21. This trail is located between 6,000 – 7,300 feet in the Santa Catalina Mountains near the General Hitchcock campground. Since the weather forecast was 105 degrees in Tucson, the decision was made to hike at the higher elevation of Marshall Gulch on Mt. Lemmon and do the Aspen Loop. Although only seven “hard-core” hikers showed up to hike Green Mountain, doing the Aspen Loop was an acceptable alternative. 

The photos in this posting are images of Friday’s hike. As usual, hiking the Aspen Loop included taking the side trail to Lunch Ledge for a bite to eat and to take in the view. While there, we found a radio left behind by one of the Canyon Ranch employees. The following video, Lunch Ledge On Mt. Lemmon, covers the find.


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