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Houston Blues Legends: Mayes, Gaines, Owens and Hughes   1 comment

Billy Blues (1 of 1) x framedPete Mayes, Grady Gaines, Calvin Owens and Joe ‘Guitar’ Hughes at Billy Blues, June, 2000 — Image by kenne

For years, Sunday morning has been about the Blues, listening to Mr. & Mrs. V on KPFT, Houston. Thanks to Internet streaming, the Sunday morning tradition continues.

While listening to this morning, I was going through some of my digital image files when I ran across these old black & white images I had scanned in 2010, which led me to start flipping through one of the best references on Houston blues, “Down in Houston – Bayou City Blues by Roger Wood. Of the four blues musicians in these images, Grady Gaines is the only one still with us. However, thanks to technology and radio personalities like Mr. & Mrs. V in Houston and Marty Kool (KXCI) in Tucson, their music is still with us — some of the best blues anywhere! Take the time to enjoy and share so this great music genre will always be alive and in the hearts of music lovers everywhere.

— kenne

Billy Blues (1 of 1)-2 framed

Capturing The Moment — Blues At Sunset   5 comments

Patio Flowers & SunsetImages by kenne

When we are home on Saturday evening, we watch the sun gone down and listen to Marty Kool’s “Blues Review” on KXCI — one of my favorite ways to enjoy life. This short video will give you a feel for what I’m writing about. You will also notice the running water sound coming from the fountain on the patio — another sound I love. If you are curious, the music in the background is Andy Poxon doing “Please Come Home.”



A Diamond In The Ruff   1 comment

He walked a road that grew so long
And as he walked he sang a song
A song that made him stop and quietly wonder
He thinks of times long since gone by
Of all the things that made him cry
Of all the things that made him long to wander

From “Endless Skies” — Rob & Randy Davis

I feel like I just found a “diamond in the ruff.” Around 9:00 p.m. last night, I was relaxing on the patio, with community radio, KXCI “Locals Only” program as background music. Suddenly, the sound started nudging me; “Listen!” “Listen!” The music sounded very familiar. Was it Jethro Tull? Black Sabbath? Moody Blues? Whoever it was, it had that late 70’s, early 80’s rock sound, with dash of James Taylor mixed in. Whoever the group was, I loved the lyrics and the lead guitar – it was magical!

As it turns out, I was listening to a live, in the studio production, when the host introduced the band – “Ashbury,” playing songs from their 1983 album, “Endless Skies.” Never heard of them! How could it be? A group this good and I had never heard of them.

So, who is Ashbury? The following bio is from

Ashbury was founded in 1980 in Tucson,AZ. Randy Davis and Rob Davis performed an acoustic/electric 2 piece show–added drummer Dave Carpenter, guitarist Lee Smith, Noal Morris (bass) came in from Oklahoma and Ashbury was born, debuting at Tucson’s “The Night Train”. The next 2 years would lead to member changes–reincarnations, etc… In January, 1983 Randy Davis, Rob Davis and Johnny Ray (now with Hillbilly Prophet) went into Westwood studio in Tucson and recorded our signature album “Endless Skies”, which became an American and European cult favorite, and now it is a highly sought after collector’s item–fetching upwards of $300.00 on ebay. Today Ashbury is a studio band consisting of its founding members–Randy and Rob Davis. On the Rockadrome label, they are the labels #1 seller in both Hard Rock and Heavy Metal categories, outselling legendary bands such as Winterhawk, Slauter Xtroyes, Manilla Road and Anvil Chorus (just to name a few). Their latest album, “Something Funny Going On” was released in 2004, with a new edition just re-released this year. Ashbury is currently “in studio” recording a new album scheduled for a late 2010 release. Read more and listen to some of their music at:


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