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Full Circle Over The Tucson Basin   3 comments

Notholaena standleyi  Star Fern  (1 of 1)-5 blogFull Circle Over The Tucson Basin — Image by kenne

 Full Circle

And did you find what you were looking for?

Yes, I was saturated
in the glimpse.
Enough to sleep by
that brief remembrance
all my life
as if it were a dream
of fire tearing itself
into rags of daylight.

And are you waiting for it to happen again?

Yes, I think like the sun
on the other side of the earth,
it has never stopped shining.
But I can only be where I’m at.

And if it doesn’t happen again?

Then I’ll still be where I’m at
which the universe must think is enough.

And will you be happy with that?

Yes. For all my looking
I have never been where I’m at.

— Jack Myers

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