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Experiencing the Pleasure of Risk   3 comments

Richardson's geranium (1 of 1) art blog

Richardson’s Geranium on the Marshall Gulch Trail (July 15, 2016) — Computer Art by kenne

It was not unlike
any other trail
yet it is now

one switchback
holding a rock
upon which I stumbled

body out of balance
sliding down the slope
feet no longer beneath

time is warped
flashes of small logs
loosely placed

on the downslope 
now moved by my body
slowing my parallel descent

hands grasping air
then rocks and dirt
body stabilizes 

a quick account
of body position
points of pain

only to grimace
at my reckless fall and
undeft state of being

getting my bearing
in a standing crawl
I ascend to the trail

inspecting my camera
wiping off the dust

seeing a lone wildflower

a Richardson’s geranium
now faintly recalling
the dark pleasure of risk

body scratches will heal
creating in the now
my next place to fall

images of blood 
on on the trail
blood of my blood

— kenne

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