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In The Arms Of Another — Plants Can Grow In The Strangest Places   2 comments

Beyond Tucson Event-9488 blog

Beyond Tucson Event-9485 blogA Prickly Pear Cactus Growing on a Giant Saguaro in Sabino Canyon — Image by kenne

Plants have been known to grow in some of the strangest places. Many people may thank of plants out-of-place (whatever that is) as a weed. But, when you think about it, plants don’t have the option of moving to a better place — it’s make the best of it, or perish!

Obviously, this prickly pear cactus is trying to make the best of being in the arms of a giant saguaro cactus. So far, the conditions have been right — may the force of nature be with you.


Capturing The Moment — Panorama Views Along The Turkey Creek Trail   6 comments

Turkey Creek TrailPanorama made from three images, looking south along the eastern rim of The Rincon Mountains

Turkey Creek TrailPanorama of the Rincon Mountains made from three images. Each panorama was taken along the Turkey Creek Trail In Happy Valley, East of The Rincon’s. Turkey Creek Trail is a section of The Arizona Trail, east of Tucson. The trail leads into the Saguaro National Park, home of North America’s largest cacti, the giant saguaro. However, as these images show, the rolling hills and canyons of the east-side of the Rincon’s are in stark contrast to the saguaro forest location at the lower elevation of the west-side of the mountains.— Images by kenne

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