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Tucson Folk Festival   Leave a comment

Banjo Man-1508 II art blog II

Yellow Door-1509 art blogTucson Folk Festival Creations by kenne

What we’re sayin’ is…

Hey, Jimmie, Joe, John, Jim, Jack
Even little tigers lose their knack
When somebody twice their size
Can’t see the world through children’s eyes

— from “Hey, Jimmie, Joe, John, Jim, Jack” by The Limeliters

Spring Folk Festival In The Old Pueblo   Leave a comment

tucson-folk-festival-2011-04-30-collage-ii-blog IITucson Folk Festival — Image by kenne

Spring folk festival

Americana music

In the Old Pueblo.

— kenne

Music’s Biscuit Roller Has Done Gone   Leave a comment


Born in Alabama during the Great Depression (1930), although Odetta and her mother moved to Los Angeles in 1937, her soul had been baptized in the black prison songs and work songs from the southern fields. Considered by many of my generation as the voice of civil rights in America, our “biscuit roller has done gone.” (December 3, 2008) She traveled most of the 20th century, now on her way after serving as a key to so many doors.

With the current economic crisis impacting so many around the globe, I thought I would share this YouTube selection. “Brother Can You Spare A Dime” — Dr. John & Odetta


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