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Capturing The Moments — Bareback Riding   4 comments

Tucson Rodeo 2014-0103 blogTucson Rodeo Image by kenne

Bareback Riding

JC Trujillo – “Winning is 80% mental!”

“If you want to be world-class you must raise the bar to raise your game.”

It’s easy to say “I’m good enough,” but there is a big difference between “wondering vs knowing” you are good enough. If you want to ride with the stars you have to adopt their life style.

Attitude: A respectable humble champion is a jewel in the sport of rodeo. He lets his riding represent his character and do the talking.

Obnoxious winners lose respect and friends faster than a rock can drop to the ground. In the end it’s the friends you have that count anyway.

— Dave Red Boy Schildt

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