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Capturing The Moment — Green Bird Grasshopper & Alfred, Lord Tennyson   Leave a comment

Green Bird Grasshopper — Image by kenne

The Grasshopper


Voice of the summerwind,
Joy of the summerplain,
Life of the summerhours,
Carol clearly, bound along.
No Tithon thou as poets feign
(Shame fall ’em they are deaf and blind)
But an insect lithe and strong,
Bowing the seeded summerflowers.
Prove their falsehood and thy quarrel,
Vaulting on thine airy feet.
Clap thy shielded sides and carol,
Carol clearly, chirrup sweet.
Thou art a mailed warrior in youth and strength complete;
Armed cap-a-pie,
Full fair to see;
Unknowing fear,
Undreading loss,
A gallant cavalier
‘Sans peur et sans reproche,’
In sunlight and in shadow,
The Bayard of the meadow.


I would dwell with thee,
Merry grasshopper,
Thou art so glad and free,
And as light as air;
Thou hast no sorrow or tears,
Thou hast no compt of years,
No withered immortality,
But a short youth sunny and free.
Carol clearly, bound along,
Soon thy joy is over,
A summer of loud song,
And slumbers in the clover.
What hast thou to do with evil
In thine hour of love and revel,
In thy heat of summerpride,
Pushing the thick roots aside
Of the singing flowered grasses,
That brush thee with their silken tresses?
What hast thou to do with evil,
Shooting, singing, ever springing
In and out the emerald glooms,
Ever leaping, ever singing,
Lighting on the golden blooms?

—  Alfred, Lord Tennyson


Capturing The Moment — Photographing The Insect World   Leave a comment

Grasshopper In Her Enviroment — Image by kenne

In all the years of photographing the world around us, I have never photographed insects. Admittedly, I have much to learn, however, with the help some Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalists (SCVN) I have begun “Capturing the Moment” in the insect world. Capturing these images was make easier by having several trained eyes to help find insects. As I learn more and become better linked with naturalists, I hope to be bale to provide names of the insects in the photographs.


(Flickr Slideshow)


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