Music Explosion — Diunna Greenleaf   2 comments

Music Explosion bluetone Diunna blogMusic Explosion — Abstract Image of Diunna Greenleaf by kenne

Words filling the air
Expressing an enchanted
Anecdotal truth

— kenne

Diunna 2006-12-02-15 blogDiunna Greenleaf (CD Party, December 2006)
— Image by kenne


2 responses to “Music Explosion — Diunna Greenleaf

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  1. Excellent (music depicting) art piece! 🙂


    • Diunna is a fabulous blues singer and a great friend. I framed this some time ago and is placed nicely in our home. When I tell friends it’s Diunna Greenleaf, they look at me strangely. Thanks for the comment.


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