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bunk-house-boots-in-window-1-of-1-art-color-5x4-blog“Walk a Mile In My Shoes” — Computer Art by kenne

“You can’t really understand another Person’s experience
until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.”

Walk A Mile In My Shoes

Can you see where I’m coming from?
Do you understand my point of view?
Why can’t you see the things that upset me?
Won’t you walk a mile in my shoes?

If you do something that bothers me
And you seem to be in denial
Should I bring up the subject with you?
Please wear my shoes for a mile

Your comments and accusations
Are thrown at me with such ease
They reach me like a sharpened knife
Won’t you walk a mile with me please?

I desperately try to plead my case
But I’ve learned to accept this abuse
Nothing I say really matters
But won’t you walk a mile in my shoes?

— Firefly

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