Patio Fire Pit For When the Olives Fall   1 comment

Pation Fireplace (1 of 1)-2 blog

Pation Fireplace (1 of 1) blogPatio Fire Pit — Image by kenne

Maybe it was because
the room was empty
that I walked
toward the patio doors.

Taken by the view,
walking onto the patio
knowing if only for a
short time,

I had to experience 
many patio moments as possible —
sunsets, shadows on the mountains
and starry nights.

Moments have now been many
most without the women
whose view is but
a shifting glance.

On many a night
my heart tears
when the olives fall
and the desert nights chill,

seeking cover
warmth of fire
watching the flames
with a glass of Maker’s,

wrestling with the darkness,
not of the night but the spirit
of an inward monitor 
on love and death.

— kenne

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  1. Certainly a place to linger amd ponder…the mountains are in no hurry.


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