Our Association With Flowers   2 comments

Wildflowers July 2015-0018 grunge art blog Grunge Art by kenne

Everyone has many associations with a flower — 
the idea of flowers.
You put out your hand to touch 
the flower —
lean forward to smell it —
touch it with your lips almost without thinking —
or give it to someone to please them.
Still —
in a way —
nobody sees a flower — 

really — it is so small . . .

So I said to myself —
I’ll paint what I see — 

what the flower is to me
but I’ll paint it bid and

they will be surprised into taking time to look at it —
I will make even busy New Yorkers
take time 
to see what I see in flowers.

— Georgia O’Keeffe

2 responses to “Our Association With Flowers

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  1. Lovely painting and words, thank you for sharing… O’Keeffe is amazing 🙂


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