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Alexa (1 of 1) blogAlexa Von Bieberstein (December 17, 2014) — Images by kenne

Alexa Von Bieberstein has been a Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalist since 2007, and I have had the pleasure of working with her since 2011 in the SCVN elementary school program on Thursdays. Last Thursday, we said goodbye to Alexa since she will be returning to Germany, although she and her husband will be keeping their home here in Tucson. As a “going away” gift, the Thursday group of naturalists gave her a print of Phil Bentley’s photo of Sabino Canyon with snow on the mountains. Although Alexa loves the Sonoran Desert, she also loves snow.

Thimble Peak-8729-2 blog AlexaPhil and Alexa with Thimble Peak backdrop

Alexa is also an enthusiastic hiker. A little over a year ago, we hike to Thimble Peak, high above Sabino Canyon. Here Phil is taking her picture with Thimble Peak in the background.

Thimble Peak-8687 blog AlexaOn the Arizona Trail

In addition to Alexa, Phil, and I, Ed Rawl and Tim Ralph, completed the group hiking to Thimble peak. (Click here to see my posting on the Thimble Peak hike.) We will all miss her cheerful smile and look forward to seeing her again soon. Knowing Alexa has helped keep my thimble full.

A Thimble Full Of Life

All one needs
in life is

a thimble full of
this and that
to experience life. 

We determine
makes up

what makes up

Do you have a thimble full?

– kenne

Alexa Goodbyes



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  1. Yeah, I enjoyed so much teaching with you and our wonderful little group. Please please stay put to guide these children over rocks and under willow trees, through desert and along our precious river bed.
    I will join you whenever I will be in Tucson!!!!!


  2. my thimble is filled with my naturalists friends- thank you all!!!!


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