Manly Legs In Manly Shorts   3 comments

SCVN Guides (1 of 1) Manly Pants_blog“Manly Legs In Manly Shorts” — Image by kenne

The latest WSJ men’s fashion headline:
“Men’s Cargo Pants Turn Refined for Spring:
No longer weighted down by its sloppy,
collegiate reputation.”

Seems that a Massachusetts bro
was mourning over, 
“retiring bigass
suburban dad cargo shorts.
Godspeed, old friend.”

Sounds like a personal problem
for those who walk The Halls of Ivy,
not the hiking trails of the
great outdoors.

“But there may be life in those pockets yet,”
proclaims the WSJ with a photo
of smooth-faced
young men in their
“debonair cargo pants.”

Give thanks, there is a god after all, 
but “with real New York attitude” —
this god’s east of the Hudson River.
Give thanks!

— kenne
(This one is for my hiking buddy, Jeff B.)

WSJ — Men’s Cargo Pants Turn Refined for Spring

3 responses to “Manly Legs In Manly Shorts

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  1. Hmmm….I’d know those legs on the left anywhere…or maybe it’s that ring on the right hand. 🙂


  2. Looking good.


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