Hidden Pasture Trail In The Little Rincon Mountains   2 comments

Panorama Views On The Hidden Pasture Trail In The Little Rincon Mountains by kenne

Hidden Paster Trail 2014-2 blog
Hidden Paster Trail 2014-1 blog

Images by kenne

There’s a special place on the east side of the Rincon Mountains, named “Happy Valley.”
A primitive road goes past ranches as the terrain and vegetation evolve
, creating a picturesque kaleidoscope of nature’s beauty.

The road slowly narrows with several curves lined with large cottonwoods, oaks, and sycamore trees, forming a belt along a fence-line above the trees.

On a previous trip into Happy Valley, we had identified a lone railroad post as a marker on the fence above a grove of trees where we could leave our car. Approaching the marker-post, we hiked the fence-line up through waist-high thorny bushes till reaching the gate to the Hidden Pasture Trail. Located in the Little Rincon Mountains, the trail slowly leads us through a maze of beautiful rock formations and scenic views.

The trail is not heavily used and can be difficult to follow, causing frequent misdirected diversions — not a problem as long as we followed a line parallel to Ash Creek, which snakes up the canyon below North Star Peak.

The views are superb — Enjoy!


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  1. Awesome pics, thanks for sharing. Hope you are doing well…. Judy

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    Looking back seven years ago, hiking the Hidden Pasture Trail on the Rincon Mountains’ east side. — kenne


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