Special V.I.P. Hike For James — A Five-Year Old Naturalist Is Born   8 comments

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The kid loves to hike and also has an eye for skirts! ( When he saw her really picked-up his pace.) Last Monday, James, mom, grandma and I went on a three-mile hike/nature walk in Sabino Canyon. All bias aside, he was my best student yet — interested, attentive, lots of questions and very good at answering mine. 

On our way back, James took the lead and proceeded to mimic me — “Now over here is a blah, blah, blah. And here is a blah-blah cactus.” He didn’t always remember the names, but he was something else when it comes to having my style down. Too bad I didn’t get it on video.

Three miles is a good distance for a five-year old. We hiked to the Sabino Canyon dam and back. His only complaint was that we didn’t do more climbing. Of course, his mimicking by body language was a not so subtle way to show he was getting tired of my naming everything along the trail — he had all the moves down pat.


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8 responses to “Special V.I.P. Hike For James — A Five-Year Old Naturalist Is Born

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  1. Too funny….that’s why kids are so special… Mary Ann


  2. Like grandfather, like grandson. They watch our every move.


  3. Here’s the conversation . . . Ken: “James, come over here I want to show you something.” James: ” Don’t tell me it’s ‘another’ cactus.”


  4. That was SO fun, we are looking forward to our next visit!!


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