Capturing The Moment — It’s All About Timing!   16 comments

Aspen Loop July 2013

Aspen Loop July 2013

Aspen Loop July 2013

Aspen Loop July 2013

Aspen Loop July 2013Nais Metalmark Butterflies on Ceanithus Fenderli Bushes — Images by kenne

It’s all about timing, and this was the moment!

Yesterday, while hiking the Aspen Loop on Mount Lemmon, we came upon plants steaming with butterflies and quickly concluded that the bush was the caterpillar host for these butterflies. We discussed possible names. 

The butterflies are the nais metalmark and the host plant is the ceanithus fenderli. “Males perch and patrol near the host plant for females. Eggs are laid singly on leaves or flowers. Caterpillars rest in shelters of leaves tied together with silk and emerge to feed on leaves and fruits. Mature caterpillars hibernate in leaf litter.”

These scenes were very impressive!

Since I’m not a butterfly expert, I hope I have done my homework well.


16 responses to “Capturing The Moment — It’s All About Timing!

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  1. wow. thanks for sharing your amazing photos. were you on the hike with us at prison camp this spring? keeps me in touch when I am on the east coast. regards, Renate Wasserman


    Renate Wasserman
    • Yes, I was — the guy usually carrying a camera. The best was to stay in touch is to click Follow on the blog home page. Glad you like the photos!


  2. Wow! Sorry I missed this, but your pics are so amazing, almost like I was there!! Thanks,



  3. These photos are amazing. Great capture!


  4. Wow. I have never seen so many beautiful butterflies in a single shot. Wonderful shots.


  5. Your blog is breathtaking to me. Someday I will visit the loop.:) I mostly take photos of non moving things, but just came back from a trip to Indonesia. I wanted to capture the butterflies for my son. I ran after them, stood still waiting for them, and they just barely ever landed for a photo. So admire your work. Thank you for sharing here! -Jennifer


  6. you found the central hub of a butterfly meeting place, I think!


  7. Such busy colours in these exceptional examples of brilliant composition. Bravo!


  8. Beautiful Photos. Lovely. Paulette


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