Capturing The Moment — Wild Rasberries Along The Trail   2 comments

Aspen Loop July 2013

Aspen Loop July 2013Wild Rasberries On The Aspen Loop, Mount Lemmon — Images

Wild Rasberries

A bee came buzzing by
And told me to follow
He said, “Just look at all these berries
Theres more than you can swallow.”

Raspberries, so swollen and ripe
Like picking candy, off the vine
Buckets and buckets full
I’m so glad they’re mine.

I keep picking and picking
And easily off they slide
I can never get enough
Over my lips, they glide

My ruby red mouth
Will be stained for days
The way my teeth hide the seeds
I’m totally amazed!

Oh raspberry you’re beautiful
Red nectar of the season
I think you know…
You give life a reason!

— lroconnell

2 responses to “Capturing The Moment — Wild Rasberries Along The Trail

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  1. Love that top photo!! Love the thought of buckets full!!


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