SCVN Nature Walk #2 In Sabino Canyon   24 comments

“On the Trail” — Image by kenne

The Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalists training, Class of 2011, meets every Monday this fall. A recent class was on herpetology, which included the study of amphibians and reptiles. These animals are among the most numerous in the canyon but are the most camouflaged, making them difficult to observe on a nature walk. This posting contains some of the sightings during a recent nature walk focused on observing amphibians and reptiles. As you will see, any focused nature walk will still observe other wildlife and take advantage of “the teaching moment” along trails in the canyon.

Our naturalist leaders describe the characteristics and adaptations of the reptiles we may encounter. Unfortunately, even with their help, some lizards may look alike, making it difficult to name. I’ve tried to name the lizards I have photographed, but you will see some are just labeled a “lizard.”


(Click here to see a more complete slideshow, in my Flickr account, of photos from Nature Walk #2)

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Images by kenne

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