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Red Hot Blues DSC_0696 blogRed Hot Blues — Computer Art by kenne

When I think “Red Hot Blues,” I think Stevie Ray Vaughn. We were able to see him at The Woodlands Pavilion in the summer of 1990, less than a month before he died in a helicopter crash in southern Wisconsin in route to Chicago. Stevie was the “Prince of the Blues.”

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Stevie Ray Vaughn Image Source: SRV Official Site

In a few more months, it will have been 21 years since the death of Stevie Ray Vaughn. In my book, he remains the greatest guitarist ever.


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Texas Blues Seminar   2 comments

dalesherman-blogDale Armet and Sherman Robertson



As part of an American Music Series aat Lone Star College, I will be doing a session on Texas Blues Guitar Men tomorrow. There is not way that one can do justice to the many great Blues musicians in Texas. I wasn’t sure where I would start until attending last weeks session conducted my Steve Davis on Sixties Rock-n-Roll, in which he ended with Jimi Hendrix. By doing so, the door was open to begin my session with Hendrix’s version of Voodoo Child, followed by SRV’s version. After beginning with Hendrix and SRV, I will cover Chris Duarte, Albert Collins, Johnny Clyde Copeland, Sherman Robertson, ending with SRV and Copeland doing Tin Pan Alley.  The session will utilize some or all of the following selection on YouTube:

Voodoo Child (Slight Return) – jimi Hendrix

Stevie Ray Vaughan – Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)

Soul to soul – Stevie Ray Vaughan

Stevie Ray 1975: The Cobra’s, Other Days

Stevie Ray Vaughan – Talks about Jimi Hendrix

Buddy Guy Chris Duarte and Kunimoto Japanese TV

Chris Duarte Group – “Watch Out” part 1

Chris Duarte-Azul Ezell (Acoustic)

Guitar Lesson – One Chord Blues Vamp

Stevie Ray Vaughan B.B. King Albert Collins–Texas Flood

Frosty — SRV & Albert Collins — Live 1988

Albert Collins – Iceman

Johnny Copeland

Sherman Robertson – Make it Rain

srv Tin Pan Alley(with Johnny Copeland) montreux 1985 part 1


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