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David Lazaroff — Early Dam Considerations In Sabino Canyon   Leave a comment

David Lazaroff In Sabino Canyon — Image by kenne

“In the last years of the century (19th) Tucsonans devised increasingly elaborate schemes for bring the waters of Sabino Creek to Tucson, but none were carried out. Then, in 1901, Sherman M. Woodward, a young professor in the Department of Mathematics and Mechanics at the University of Arizona, formulated a plan so compelling that it would influence events in Sabino Canyon for nearly four decades,” writes David Lazaroff  in his 1993 publication, “Sabino Canyon – The Life of a Southwestern Oasis.” It was all about trying to bring water to the booming city of Tucson. During Lazaroff’s talk on Sabino Canyon, to the 2011 SCVN trainees, he shared the history of attempts to dam Sabino Creek, which I have edited into a minute video.


Naturalists and Trainees Listen To David Lazaroff — Image by kenne

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