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Now That You Are Gone   1 comment

Saying Goodbye art blog“Saying Goodbye I” — Image by kenne

Now that you are gone
Images and words flash by
Moment after moment.

I count syllables
To say how much we love you
This my own bye-ku.

— kenne

Saying Goodbye II blog“Saying Goodbye II” — Image by kenne

“Everyone understands the pain that accompanies death,
but genuine pain doesn’t live in the spirit,
nor on these terraces of billowing smoke.
The genuine pain that keeps everything awake
is a tiny, infinite burn
on the innocent eyes of other systems.”

— Federico García Lorca

Capturing the Moment — Saying Goodbye, Revisited   2 comments

I’m reposting an April 2010 entry in memory of the Tucson killings and last Friday’s killings of children and the people that served then so well — to the people of Newtown.


Image by kenne

Amazing Grace

Capturing the Moment — Saying Goodbye   2 comments

Image by kenne


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