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Rodeo’s Bull Fighters — “Bring In The Clowns”   1 comment

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Bull Riding-0390 blog“Bring In The Clowns” — Rodeo Clowns Photo Essay by kenne

The Rodeo Clown

I’m the unsung hero standing
Out here on the floor.
My job it is important and quite a
Dangerous chore.
My adrenaline starts kicking when I
Hear the crowd roar.
I’m the rodeo clown and I perform a
Side show on the floor.

Eight seconds are a lifetime when your
Riding on a bull.
No matter which bull you draw it’s an
Unpredictable duel.
As I watch behind this barrel I wonder
Who’s the bigger fool.
I’m the rodeo clown and I protect the
Rider from the bull.

— Ken Ellis

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