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De Grazia — The Man Was In The Grove   1 comment

DeGrozia GalleryDe Grazia Gallery In The Sun, Tucson

One of my favorite places in Tucson is the De Grazia Gallery In The Sun — I go there every chance I get to learn about and admire the work of Ted De Grazia. The gallery is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and houses six permanent collections of paintings that  trace historical events and native cultures of the Southwest.

Having just learned of a new book, De Grazia – The Man and Myths, by James W. Johnson and Marilyn D. Johnson, I’m eager to buy it and learn more about De Grazia. In the following video, the authors talk about the making of their book.

Janie & David VisitFamily Visiting the Gallery While In Tucson

The Gallery In The Sun is a must stop for family and friends visiting us here in Tucson. 

DeGrozia GalleryOne of my favorite Ted DeGrazia paintings — Tambolero

De Grazia’s art work overshadows his skills as a musician and composer. A trumpeter, De Grazia had a “big band” orchestra during the 1930’s, which help pay his tuition at the University of Arizona where he earned a Master of Arts with his thesis, “Art and its Relation to Music in Music Education.” One of my favorite De Grazia painting is that of a drummer, “Tambolero,” which brings to mind Steve Gadd, one of the most well-known and highly regarded session and studio drummers in the industry. If you like big band jazz, you will love the following video, Steve Gadd & The Buddy Rich Big Band: Basically Blue.

Joy’s Baby Brings Rain And Cold Temps To Tucson   Leave a comment

Justin's Visit

Justin's Visit

Justin's VisitJustin and Joy at The Mission San Xavier del Bac — Images by kenne

As is often the case, daybreak brought a beautiful sunrise with a Tucson blue sky. We were scheduled to pick up Justin at the airport (9:00 a.m.). Before leaving for the airport, we got word that he had missed his flight from Phoenix to Tucson, now his arrival time would be 11:00 a.m. — not a problem.

After arriving we learned that it had been cloudy and rainy in Phoenix, which somewhat explained why our skies were getting cloudy.

We left the airport for a short drive to the Mission San Xavier del Bac, after which we had planned to drive to Tubac for lunch. While at the mission, the weather changed for the worse, with rain clouds moving in and the temperature dropping. The wind was really beginning to pickup, which is why Justin is wearing the hood and Joy his cap.

So, we went to the Barrio Brewery for a beer and “Sonora Hotdog” followed by a visit to the De Grazia Gallery in the Sun, during which time it had been raining, with a 40 degree temperature at 4:00 p.m.

Tomorrow will be better.


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