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Cosanti--Paolo Soleri Studios-72Cosanti — Paolo Soleri Studios in Paradise Valley (February 28th, 2020) — Image by kenne

In June of 2017, we went to Arcosanti — Architecture + Ecology 65 miles north of Phoenix. Arcosanti is an urban laboratory focused on innovative design, environmental accountability, and experiential learning developed by Italian born architect, urban theorist, craftsman artist, and philosopher, Paolo Soleri, in 1970. This was 15 years after establishing his Architectural Design and Craft Studios, Cosanti, in 1955 in Paradise Valley.

While we were at Arcosanti, we bought a bell. Then during the monsoon of 2019, a strong gust of wind blew down the bell on our patio. Since then, we have been looking for an opportunity to purchase another bell.

We had planned to be in Phoenix on February 28th to see Diunna Greenleaf at the Rhythm Room. So, we left Tuscon early enough to visit the Cosanti Studios and go to dinner in Scottsdale before an evening of live Blues music. We now have a replacement for our original bell.

— kenne



Arcosanti — Photo Essay   2 comments

Arcosanti-1777_contrast blogArcosanti Visitors Center — High Contrast image by kenne
(Click on any of the images below to see larger views in a slideshow format.)

In some ways, Paolo Soleri’s urban lab experiment, Arcosanti, is a storybook castle in the desert, reflecting both reality and fantasy. One might argue that is what all art is. For Soleri, “We must redefine the American Dream before we can rebuild the infrastructure on which it is based.” (Arcology)

— kenne


We are all miniature systems of infinite complexity, fantastically well organized.
We should see the city as an inner environment, rather than an outer one.
We are creating a new animal, with thousands of minds, serviced by thousands of brains.

— Paolo Soleri

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Arcosanti Bell-1781 bell blog

Arcosanti-1780 bells blog

Arcosanti-1783 bells blog

Arcosanti-1782 bells blogArcosanti, Paolo Soleri Bells (June 7, 2017) Images by kenne

It is only logical that the pauperization of our soul and
the soul of society coincide with the pauperization of the environment.
One is the cause and the reflection of the other.

— Paolo Soleri
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