There was only our bodies . . .   3 comments

“Body of an Old Man Sitting Under the Stars” — Photo-Artistry by kenne

“There was only our bodies, born to live and die on terms decided by the bodies
that had lived and died before us. If he could be said to have located
a philosophical niche for himself, that was it – he’d come upon it early and intuitively,
and however elemental, that was the whole of it.”

— from Everyman by Philip Roth

3 responses to “There was only our bodies . . .

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  1. Love the photo, although dimly lit it replicates my husband exactly. Always a nudist he never shied at the opportunity to be free. However as he has gotten somewhat older that’s him more than ever, naked, drinking coffee by morning and a sipping whiskey by night as he contemplates life and responds to others about life. It is the true “elemental” man.

    Ms. K

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    • I think a lot of older men and their partners can relate. Most, however, would not be willing to admit it. As usual, thanks for the comment.

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      • Yes you as usual are very correct. Several of my lady friends have found out in person and when leaving said the experience was enlightening. The realities of life are often times not what many imagine.

        Ms. K


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