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Collared Dove (1 of 1)-3 blogCollared Dove — Images by kenne

The collared dove is one of the largest doves and a relative newcomer to Arizona, therefore it is considered an invasive species. In the 1970’s a shipment of Eurasian collared doves was sent to an exotic bird dealer in the Bahamas in place of an order of Ringed Neck Turtle Doves (also known as the Barbary Dove). They were then accidentally released and quickly made their way to Florida by the mid 1980’s. They grew in numbers, and then began making their way westward. 

Annual bird counts conducted by the Audubon Society place the first recorded sightings in Arizona at 2001. Since that time, their numbers have been steadily increasing and can be found in all areas of the state.

— kenne

Collared Dove (1 of 1)-4 blog

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  1. ….we have many here in the Interior of British Columbia. They are extremely interested in mating. The males persistently and relentlessly chase females from branch to branch to telephone wire back to branch to branch to telephone wire. It is all they do. No wonder there are so many! Here is a link from Vancouver, B. C.


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