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Yellow Cactus Flower (1 of 1) grunge art blogCactus Flower — Grunge Art by kenne

We have been spending a lot of time in doctor’s offices the last few months.
I have been storing thoughts in my head for a future poem as I stare at walls,
some with art, some in need. 

At sometime in our lives we have all experience the anxious wait, whether as a
patient, parent, partner, or friend. If your lucky, you make it into your seventies
before the frequency of visits spikes above one.

At some time in the early nineties, poet Dave Smith wrote the poem, “Doctor’s Office”,
which was published in his book, Fate’s Kite — Poems, 1991 -1995. I find his poems very
enjoyable to read, maybe because they reach deep touching the southern boy of the
same generation. Just reading the titles in the Contents is for me, poetry —
The Innerness of Churchland / Wreck in the Woods / Selective Service, 1965 / Blowfish
and Mudtoad / Elegy for My Friend’s Suit / Nine Ball / A May of Your Small Town /
Breasts / The Endless Days of Sixties Sunshine / Watering the Dog / Onion Mother /
Nature Moment / Mississippi River Bridge / Irish Whiskey in the Backyard — and of course;

Doctor’s Office 

There’s never anything good to read is there?
Only plenty of dated stuff, like deaths,
the usual missing page of Field and Stream,
its multi-color ads for bullets guns ruffed
grouse; also House Beautiful, foyer, parlor,
wings rooms like nobody’s home we know cheesecake
so good-looking seas will scab before any’s
on your plate; last year’s Time’s Man of the year,
the crisis still unsolved, the parent rag
no one reads, same place same people same movie
review, and who’s the sick person sits down and asks
what’s your pleasure? Nurse like the muse says you can go
in please your balls aching. Thanks. And no escape.

— from Fate’s Kite — Poems, 1991 -1995, by Dave Smith

You have to be patient to be a patient in a doctor’s office.


2 responses to “Cactus Flower Outside Doctor’s Office

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  1. Great text…please notice that your yummy yellow image includes a bud, which holds great promise!


  2. Love it

    Pamela Roberts (520) 870-4526



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