A Sunflower For Joy   6 comments

University Avenue Yard Flowers (1 of 1)-2 grunge art blogA Sunflower for Joy –Grunge art by kenne

My best clothes

hang useless

next to old

faded t-shirts —

KLOL Rock Radio,

Chicago Blues Festival,

Sprint for Life,

all hiding memories

not forgotten, only

reserved for reasons

I cannot explain

nor feel I need to —

memories shared

like sunflowers

with Joy,

the secrets

routine prevents us

from discerning.

— kenne

6 responses to “A Sunflower For Joy

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  1. My 2 thoughts: I like it. I think it’s beautiful. That’s what I thought after opening this likable image, and reading your share.


  2. Lovely…t-shirt memories are a universal experience!


  3. I love sunflowers. When I was President at Little Priest Tribal College in Nebraska a long time ago, there was a huge patch of sunflowers on the slope between the college and a corn field. The flowers were enormous and had a wild look like your picture of them. When the maintenance people on morning in
    August came in early and whacked them all down, giving us the beautiful vista of the corn field, I mourned. Ah, “memories shared like sunflowers with joy.” A wonder set of words.


  4. My tee shirt collection always brings fond memories of favorite places I have visited over the years. I wear them until they are thread bare.


  5. Thank you for the sun, the flower, being here.


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