The Old Swimmin’ Hole   2 comments

Art In The Canyon_20110414_1946 B-W II blogArtist Painting In The Canyon — Image by kenne

Oh! the old swimmin’-hole! whare the crick so still and deep

Looked like a baby-river that was laying half asleep,

And the gurgle of the worter round the drift jest below

Sounded like the laugh of something we onc’t ust to know

Before we could remember anything but the eyes

Of the angels lookin’ out as we left Paradise;

But the merry days of youth is beyond our controle,

And it’s hard to part ferever with the old swimmin’-hole.

— from “The Old Swimmin’ Hole” by James Whitcomb Wiley

2 responses to “The Old Swimmin’ Hole

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  1. Ah! I remember those days well. There was even a cabin beside our old swimming hole and we would spend the nights there quite often in the summer. Thanks for the memories.


  2. Fun!


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