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Sacred Datura (1 of 1) blog

Sacred Datura (1 of 1)-2 blogSacred Datura — Images by kenne


Haunting deep green
white and white and pink and trumpets.
You call to the night
Message givers.
You listen to prayers and secrets
You reap joy from a happy harvest season
And its Workers.
You. Armslengths away from the almond trees
You. Grow like shrubs.
The round tops of umbrellas.
You. Are nightshade in the day
And You. Are contrast.

the only poem I might
think to write

— Donna O’Donovan

9 responses to “datura

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  1. Datura is the plant that gave the ideas of witches flying on broom sticks? Correct?


  2. Beautiful 🙂 Blessings and Joy, Friend~


  3. These photos are quite elegant. The poem is very lovely too. Datura? I am not familiar with the (Latin?) name so I have to look this up! I’m wondering if it is a type of morning glory, or daylilly … I want one!!


  4. Truly amazing!!


  5. Dont eat the flowers! Unless you want to have conversations with inanimate objects and not remember any of it. Its a weird plant!


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