This Is A Real Bee-Bummer   2 comments

Desert Museum-9786 blogDying Bee On Flower — Image by kenne

We read about bees
but this one chose to
die on the job.

this honey bee
didn’t choose to die on the job,
we made the choice.

This image frightens me.
I care about bees —
especially honey bees.
We can’t afford to lose bees.

So, why was this bee dying?

We think we know,
but then we don’t —
actually we do,
but we are in denial.

that’s right, neonics
are intoxicating
the honey bees

in the dysfunctional
food system
we have created,
in which they work —

try going to work
when you are
and drunk!

— kenne

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2 responses to “This Is A Real Bee-Bummer

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  1. very nice words and image!!!


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