Capturing The Moment — Sabino Canyon Snowbird   5 comments

Tosh Lawrence Nature WalkMale Phainopepla — Image by kenne

The phainopepla is a common southern Arizona bird, spending its summers on Mount Lemmon, moving south to the Sabino Canyon for the winter. And even though I have many photos of this very attractive bird, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to photograph this male phainopepla during this morning’s Ned Harris & Friends nature-walk in the canyon. 


5 responses to “Capturing The Moment — Sabino Canyon Snowbird

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  1. I love this bird…even if it is so common that a Montana friend who spends much time in Arizona told me that they started calling it the “Plain old Pepla”.


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  5. Hello
    Thank you for your Great post with Amazing pictures.

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