Autumn Leaves Near A Mountain Spring   10 comments

Aspen Trail On Mount Lemmon — Images by kenne

Fall leaves near a spring

Adding moisture to color

Brighter to the eye.



10 responses to “Autumn Leaves Near A Mountain Spring

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  1. I love how you captured the colors in that first photo. Surreal. They look like outer space leaves!


  2. purple leaves .. really, very cool


  3. Beautiful – like the ground covered in flowers!


  4. Enjoyed the purple leaves. We don’t get them that color here.


  5. Beautiful photos, beautiful blog. The deep blue of your blog design really shows off your photos!


  6. Reblogged this on Becoming is Superior to Being and commented:

    Because of the Bighorn Fire, the Aspen Trail on Mt. Lemmon remains close; therefore we are missing out on a lot of fall colors on M.t Lemmon. So, here’s a posting from October 23, 2012. — kenne


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