Disappearing Water — An Anecdotal Poem   6 comments

Image by kenne

lost in its
harsh beauty
we walk the fence line
drawn to the
once riparian land
on the other side

fences cannot hide
the splendor
nor the disgrace
now tattooed
across a fragile land
abused and neglected
by cultures past
and present

a place where
water once stood
now disappearing
to caverns below
playing hide ‘n seek
from pipes sucking
their very subsistence
on to nearby pecan groves

not learning to share
we fight for water
destroying the source
leaving behind death
only to cycle back
after all, is gone

a lone jackrabbit
runs ahead of us
darting from
bush to bush
seeking to outlast
the hand of death
pulling at us
urging us to follow

— kenne 

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6 responses to “Disappearing Water — An Anecdotal Poem

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  1. Harsh reality.


  2. Yes, and well documented in the book, “Cadillac Desert.”


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  5. Reblogged this on Becoming is Superior to Being and commented:

    First posted October 23, 2012. Water issues remain in our daily news here in the west. — kenne


  6. I love this Kenne. I love it. Great poem. Great image. As usual.


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