Capturing The Moment — Bushed   4 comments

Along the Italian Springs Trail in The Rincon Mountains Above Redington Pass — Image by kenne


a trail cursed

and charmed

taking a breather

in the solitude

and shade

alligator junipers

mountain pines


a big sky pass

scrambling time

and seasons

whence we came

where we went

Redington Road

to the plateau beneath

Mica Mountain summit

till you get there yourself

it remains our paradise

sharing our wanderlust

in this digital-based world

— kenne

4 responses to “Capturing The Moment — Bushed

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  1. ‘it remains our paradise’ lovely words. Thanks for sharing


  2. Wonderful pictures! Nice words too.
    ~ Paul


  3. Hello Kenne,
    I have nominated your wonderful blog for a ‘Versatile Blogger Award’ (
    I felt humbled in gaining recognition from a fellow blogger, whom I respect, and as a result, have connected with a load more wonderful folk; sharing through words and images this incredible collective experience we are all having.
    The ‘turtle’ started small and is maturing slowly, it is nice to hear of people reading and enjoying my reflections on the ride.
    See the original turtle post here:
    Good luck with all……
    Peace and Light,


  4. Reblogged this on Becoming is Superior to Being and commented:

    A posting from May, 2012. — kenne


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